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I feel this gif accurately sums up working on certain productions….image

500 NOTES?!? Oh my god

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More pictures of the work-in-progress of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame set. It’s coming along beautifully! The second picture of a “tower”, so the bell tower, perhaps? The third picture is of Kyle (a welder), who so graciously shared these pictures on his instagram, posing with a ton of steel for the set.

Follow him here: kyleahlquist

In case you missed it, a picture of Alexander Dodge’s model of the set is here: [LINK]

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I want someone to look at me like a stage manager looks at coffee


With deep devotion and lust.

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the thing i really like about the broadway fandom is that no one gives a FUCK how involved you are. like ive never seen bonnie and clyde and i couldve said it was my favorite musical and im 100% everyone would just be like “saME” and no one cares if youve only seen the movie adaptations and no one cares what your favorite musical is as long as it isnt cats

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You don’t go into theatre for fame.
You don’t go into theatre for fortune.
You don’t go into theatre for anything but a deep love of it.
Like you’d be missing something if you didn’t have theatre in your life.

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Pics from HUNCHBACK rehearsals and set building work-in progress. Am I the only one who finds it disgustingly cute that they have HoND toys from 1996 lying around?

P.S. Arden looks like he lacks a beard, so you can all relax about Quasi’s potential facial hair. XD

Special thanks to Michael Arden, Samantha Massell, Beth Kirkpatrick, and La Jolla Playhouse for sharing these awesome pictures.

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Happy International Stage Manager Day


Happy International Stage Manager Day

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